Jan 5, 2011

05 Who became the first to wage war on Christmas

Ever hear today's Christians decry the “war on Christmas”? Well, church history shows that it was the church itself that originally waged “war on Christmas.” 
Historically, Protestants took dead aim at the celebration. But over time the family get-together holiday was so popular that the churches became friendly with the Christmas holiday.

Prior to the offical holiday, 19th century schools remained open, and Congress met in session through the Christmas season.

Not just Presbyterians but also Baptists, Quakers, Methodists and Congregationalists were set against Christmas until late that century. 

In fact disapproval in colonial New England extended to making the holiday illegal with celebration punishable by a fine. Boston Puritan Samuel Sewall once wrote on Christmas Day, 1685, “Some somehow observe the day, but are vexed, I believe, that the body of people profane it, and blessed be God no authority yet compels them to keep it.”

Today Christians such as the United Church of God reject the holiday because there's no biblical sanction for December 25, no scriptural basis for celebrating December 25. But whether to do away with Christmas altogether, it’s a hard sell with children.

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