Apr 5, 2011

34 Do letters of Pilate prove Jesus existed

Believer says: Pontius Pilate, who was Roman prefect of Judea and who presided over Jesus’ trial, spoke of Jesus in his letters. Among the numerous reports and letters he sent to Rome, one of them says:

“It seems that all Galilee is agog about Jesus.” (W.P. Crozier, 1928, Letters of Pontius Pilate: Written During His Governorship of Judea to His Friend Seneca in Rome)

But skeptic says: Letters of Pontius Pilate are fictions. The main source for such letters come from W.P. Crozier, editor Letters of Pontius Pilate. Perhaps unknown to the faithful, it’s Crozier’s first novel and a fictionalized account of what he imagined Pilate would write. In fact reviews of the day reveal it to be a work of fiction.

Crozier, a newspaper editor, attended Oxford University and retained an interest in Latin, Greek, and the Bible. Although in fact there are letters from Pilate to Seneca--he was a Roman statesman--Pilate and Seneca never mention Jesus in their writings.

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