Jul 2, 2011

61 Where's the evidence that atheism is true

Believer says: Provide proof and evidence that atheism is true and accurate.

Skeptic replies: Well, there’s so-called strong atheism, which asserts that there is no god (or if you like, no gods). In which case, no one can provide proof or evidence for the strong assertion, since no one can be a know-it-all.

But there’s the other kind of atheism, too. Or least that's what it’s called, atheism. It has one foot in agnosticism--meaning that there’s no way to know if gods really exist. And it has the other in atheism--meaning that the atheist doesn't see any good evidence for the existence of the god that you name. It’s always a good idea for the theist to name a god first of all, then the agnostic-atheist explains why he doesn't see any convincing evidence for it. If they don't begin the discussion that way, the theist can say sooner or later, “Well, I’m not talking about that god.” Then the atheist has to start all over again. 

So the second kind of atheist admits there may be a god but doesn't see any compelling evidence for its existence yet.

Recap: It's easy for the second kind of atheist to “Provide proof and evidence that atheism is true and accurate.” The proof is, you failed to persuade the atheist your God exists and that's true and accurate.

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