Feb 1, 2011

10 Do the Gospels show the pattern of legend

Ex-Christian, ex-preacher, Dan Barker explains how the Gospel became a whale of a tale. He writes "A legend begins with a basic story (a true or false one) that grows into something more embellished and exaggerated as the years pass."

D. Barker further explains that the documents of the resurrection of Jesus started with simple accounts, but the later retellings got more complex. Thus they got bigger as a typical legend would.  

Mr. Barker makes a viable point but its weak spot is the New Testament letters. It’s true that Paul’s letters date to before AD 68 and they say precious little about the miracles of Jesus.   

But it’s true, too, that the other New Testament letters date to the time when Gospels were composed, but those letters also say zip about the miracles of Jesus. So they fail to support the idea that the legend became complex as time went by. 

So actually I’m skeptical about the Gospels getting more complex.

Recap: Yes, I say the Gospels are legends. But on the whole the Gospels and letters don't support the proposed pattern of legend.

The web on Dan Barker's pattern-of-legend thesis:

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