Feb 10, 2011

19 Are gays the cause of earthquakes

Biblicists may state that gays cause earthquakes. These religious people have determined it’s so. 

Skeptic says: So, supposing gays do cause earthquakes. Just which gays were behind for the following ancient ones?

c.1250 BC. The Old Testament Book of Exodus says that when Moses went up to Mount Sinai to talk with God, the presence of God was accompanied by fire, smoke, thunder, lighting, and earthquakes (Exodus 19:16-19).

760 BC. The Old Testament Book of Amos opens with “The words of Amos in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, two years before the earthquake” (Amos 1:1).

The Jewish historian Josephus mentioned a great earthquake in the seventh year (31 BC) of the reign of King Herod of Jerusalem. It was “such a one as had not happened at any other time, and which earthquake brought a great destruction upon the cattle in that country” (c. AD 78, Antiquities XV, Ch. 5, v.2). And according to Josephus, about ten thousand people perished in the devastation caused by that quake.

And around AD 350, a severe earthquake demolished the Galilean city of Sepphoris, not far from where the Lord Jesus came.

Recap: Some religious people have determined in their minds that gay behavior causes quakes. And we’re suppose to believe, too, that gays have been responsible for seismic activity throughout time (cough). 

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