Nov 6, 2011

105 Could you be wrong about everything?

 Believer asks: Could you be wrong about everything you claim to know?

Skeptic answers: Well, if I were to answer "Yes," I would be making a truth claim. So, I could be wrong about that truth claim, too. So we start all over again! I myself, however, answer "No," because I don't see how a person could be wrong about everything.

By the way, the question itself is supposed to lead to God; you can know certain things thanks to God. But it makes grand assumptions: One) that a God told you things, and Two) that a God told you truths.

Anyway, it's really a trick question if you answer it "yes." But the believer never tells you so. If the believer doesn't know it's a trick question, he needs to learn it is. But if he knows it's a trick question, he's being disingenuous. 

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