Nov 4, 2011

103 Is science a religion

Believers may say: Science cannot explain everything. 

But skeptic says: Yes, that’s completely true. But science will do fine until everything can be explained. Ha. 

Believer says: Science is just another religion.

But skeptic says: Well, it doesn't really matter what you choose to call it. The point is, church religion has never landed a rocket on the moon. But the “religion" of science has done it. Church religion hasn't given us computers or the internet. But the “religion" of science has given us those things.

A friend of mine once asked a Christian, who was down on science, would he go to a doctor or a church if he were really sick. The Christian chose the doctor--medical science. It was obvious which one the Christian would rely on although “science couldn’t explain everything” and “science was just another religion.”

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