Mar 4, 2011

23 Was the god-man Osiris born December 25

Non-theists might claim that the ancient god Osiris of Egypt was born on December 25, the same day Jesus was. 

But I say Nuh-uh, the god-man Osiris wasn't born on December 25. The myth says he was born during the last five days of the year. But the Egyptian year ended in summer. Osiris was born then and not in December. 

The first day of the Egyptian calendar year, 1 Thoth, fell on August 29 or 30 in the Julian Calendar in 22 BC. And in our modern calendar, it's June 21.

Censorinus, a Roman of the third century AD, writes that New Year’s Day in Egypt fell on July 20, in the Julian Calendar 139 AD. So the first day of the Egyptian year was in summer even until then. 

December 25 became a Christian tradition even though it wasn't in the New Testament. It's winter solstice time, midwinter. Early Christian intellectual writers said it was fit to celebrate their savior’s birth when the sun took its beginning every year.

Recap: It's true that Egypt may have changed its calendar to start in winter, but the change came in the Christian era. The original time of the birth of Osiris was in the summer.

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  1. how cood he be born on december 25 he is the oldest of all his brothers and sisters and isis his younger sister was born during the first years of creation nd also jesus and osiris are not the same person so u guys might want to get ur info correct bcuz obviously ur not smarter than a fifth grader deuces