Mar 6, 2011

25 What's the cosmos’ source of creation

Believer asks: What is the cosmos’ origin or source of creation?

Skeptic replies: There’s no secular answer to the question today. 

Meanwhile the Bible Answer Man--a Christian radio host--has said there were three logical possibilities for the beginning of the universe. This is what he said:

1. It’s a personal illusion. He rejected it.

2. It came from nothing. There was no intelligent Creator. He rejected it, too.

3. Genesis was right about creationism. He accept it.

He said there weren’t any other possibilities. But I suggest the following ones:

4. The cosmos came from a prior unknown one. The question doesn’t ask how a prior one came. But the fast answer is a prior one perhaps existed forever.

5. Nobody can know the answer.

6. The source of the cosmos was other gods.

7. Advanced beings with advanced technology made the cosmos.

Recap: The cosmos’ origin: well, just one possibility is evidential. It's the one that “Nobody can know the answer (today).”

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