Mar 7, 2011

26 Did Proverb 30 say Jesus was God’s son

Believer says: In the Old Testament, Proverb 30 makes it clear that Jesus is God’s son 

Proverb 30:2 Why, I am the most stupid of men, and have not even human intelligence; 3 neither have I learned wisdom, nor have I the knowledge of the Holy One. 4 Who has gone up to heaven and come down again--who has cupped the wind in his hands? Who has bound up the waters in a cloak--who has marked out all the ends of the earth? What is his name, what is his son’s name, if you know it?

But skeptic says: Well, Bible editions show various translations. Christians may see the segment of Proverb 30 to be about Jesus--that is where it says, “What is his name--and his son's name?”

But it could ask for the name of anyone that God favors. That’s because the Old Testament calls favored people God’s “sons.” 

The way I see it, the passage asked whether a human could do what God could do and to please identify the person who could. It said to tell us his name and his children's names. In fact it reads like that in other Bible editions

New Living Translation
Proverb 30:4 Who but God goes up to heaven and comes back down? Who holds the wind in his fists? Who wraps up the oceans in his cloak? Who has created the whole wide world? What is his name--and his son's name? Tell me if you know!

Good News Bible
Have any ever mastered heavenly knowledge? Have any ever caught the wind in their hands? Or wrapped up water in a piece of cloth? Or fixed the boundaries of the earth? Who are they, if you know? Who are their children?

Septuagint (first Greek translation)
Who has gone up to heaven, and come down? Who has gathered the winds in his bosom? Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment? Who has dominion of all the ends of the earth? What is his name? Or what is the name of his children?

Recap: The proverb asked who possessed power like God, but asked about nobody in particular. 

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