Oct 3, 2011

92 Is skepticism self-defeating

Believer says: The truth is, skepticism is self-defeating. According to the skeptic's philosophy, we should be skeptical of skepticism itself. 

But skeptic says: Um, is that the truth? That is, is skepticism really a philosophy or doctrine? I'd say that skepticism (as it is on this blog) is a position that waits to hear better evidence. Skeptics don’t have a formal philosophy about the Bible, they have an attitude towards it. That is, they doubt that the Bible doctrine as the content of Bible doesn’t ring true for them.  

Further, I say the truth is, Christianism is self-defeating. According to Christianism, adherents to the faith should be certain about the doctrine. But what are their chances of belonging to the one true church when there are so many different churches? Do they ever wonder about that? If they do, they're skeptical. 

I say a little healthy skepticism is fine whether you're religious or not.

Recap: Christians engage in skepticism, too. I say if it's okay for them, it's okay for secularists.

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