Oct 1, 2011

90 If the smartest man believes ID, why don’t you

Believer says: The smartest man living today believes in ID. Why don't you?  

But skeptic says: Well, he might be real smart in the sciences. But that doesn't make him smart in theology or Intelligent Design. If he knows something special, some coercive facts about ID, what are they? We merely hear, “He’s real smart and believes in ID. Why don’t you?”   

It isn't unusual for somebody to be adept in a field of science, yet when it comes to religion, he throws critical thinking to wind.

Believer says, too: It’s Christopher Michael Langan (born c. 1957), an American autodidact (self-taught person) who has taught himself mathematics, physics, cosmology and the cognitive sciences. Various media sources report Langan as having an estimated IQ of 195.  

Langan supports Intelligent Design theory. Why don't you? 

But skeptic says:
He could know theological truth that we don’t. Therefore it would make him right. So let’s hear it. But we only get silence.  

Or we might know a theological truth that he doesn’t. Therefore it would make him wrong. So let's hear what we know. Again we get silence. Thus we're both in the same boat. Neither side has anything new to argue really, regarding ID.

Christians argue ID theory, then lead to the Bible. They believe that the Bible God is the Designer. They advocate ID and head for the Bible next. But the deal is, a hypothetical Designer doesn't need to be the Bible God. 

Recap: I infer that this smart man knows something special about ID. Let's not make it a mystery anymore; let's hear what it is. But I only hear, “He’s real smart and believes in ID. Why don’t you?” So something tells me he hasn't anything special to say about ID.  

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