Oct 8, 2011

97 Will end time and Judgment Day ever get here


Believer might say: No man knows the hour of Christ’s return to earth and the Judgment. We must always prepare as if it could come at anytime.   

But skeptic says: Good luck with that. It seems the end won't ever come. In the AD 80s, the Gospel of Matthew commanded believers of the day to keep watch  

Matthew 24:42 Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.  

But Judgment Day didn't come in the first century AD two millennia ago, or in the second or third century, and so forth.  

So, telling the first-century Christians to “keep watch” didn't do them much good. It's apparent that Christ's return wasn't set to happen in the first century, and yet they were commanded to “keep watch.” Watch for what? I say it's strange that Jesus told them to keep alert.

Recap: The Gospel enjoiner to “keep watch” was so premature that it sounds like a failed prophecy now.

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