Sep 8, 2011

82 Is it arrogant to think churches are in error

Believer asks: Isn't it somewhat arrogant to suggest that countless churches and people are all radically in error in their view of the Bible? 

Skeptic answers: I can hear the same religious person say the many Hindus temples and Muslim mosques are in error. All the ancient temples and shines to the Olympian gods are in error, too.

But suddenly it's “arrogant” to suggest that the Christian churches are in error. I could say it's arrogant for a church to suggest that the church across the street is in error in its view of the Bible. Ao many of the "countless churches" don’t agree with each other about doctrine.

What's important is the reasons to say the churches are in error. What's less important is the so-called arrogant attitude towards the churches.

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