Sep 1, 2011

80 Bible claims it’s God’s word, so it must be

Believer says: The Old Testament alone claims to be Gods inspired word at least 2600 times. 

But skeptic says: I don't know how many times the OT claims to be God's inspired word, but such claims can't authenticate that it’s indeed any God-inspired word. The claims don't prove anything.

Besides, other religions have sacred texts claiming to be a god’s word, too. For example: 

The Quran says its Islamic text was taught by a God  

The Merciful 55:1 It is the Merciful [Allah] who has taught the Koran.

The ancient Bhagavad Gita (The Song of the Lord) says most of its Hindu text is the word of Lord Krishna, a God 

Bhagavad Gita 2.1 Krishna, spoke the following words ... 

The ancient Zend Avesta says its Persian text is the word of a God, too 

Vendidad, Fargard 1:1 Ahura Mazda [God] spoke unto Spitama Zarathushtra [the prophet], saying ... 

Recap: The Bible might say it's God word a lot of times, but it's only lying a lot of times.  

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