Sep 18, 2011

83 If evil exists, God’s moral law exists

Believe asks: Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If you say Yes, then you must believe there is such a thing as good. So, you must also believe that there is moral law to determine what is evil and what is good. That moral law comes from God.  

Skeptic answers: Anybody's sense of evil comes from their personal moral values. Moral values are relative, so they tend to change from group to group and subculture to subculture. Groups can have overlapping moral values, yes, but there isn't a set of moral values for everybody in the world. Even if everbody were to universally have the same moral values, it still wouldn't indicate they were from God.

Recap: Having a sense of good and bad doesn’t prove it's moral law from God. Moral law is just relative from culture to culture.

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