Sep 2, 2011

81 We can't imagine depth of God--proof God exists

Believer says: We couldn’t have invented an infinite God. The reason is that what we imagine is limited to our experiences. For example, we have experiences with horses and horns, and so we can imagine unicorns. An infinite God is real, however, since we have no experiences with the infinite and couldn’t have merely imagined an infinite God. 

But skeptic says: Well, folks imagine invisible spirits at work in the world. They imagine spirits of the earth and the ocean and just about everything else. They believe that spirits can influence our thoughts, too.

As far as an "infinite god" goes, I say the idea of one is based on the observation that the cosmos is vast and nature has countless life forms. 

I won't claim an infinite universe exists. I simply don't have any experiences with one and can't really imagine the depth of one. I can only talk about it.

Apologists might say an infinite God is in a class by itself. But I could say an infinite cosmos is in a class by itself. So just words alone fail to establish that either one could exist. Both concepts just get nowhere fast. 

Recap: The apologist can't demonstrate the things God does infinitely. I say the concept of an infinite God is based on experiences and imagination after all. It's an invention, and so are finite gods. 

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  1. There are many approaches to the issue of prooving if God exists. Here is mine