Oct 24, 2014

Where does morality come if not God?

Where Does Morality Come If Not God
Why it's a superficial question. 

A question from a debate:
Matt Dillahunty and J.T. Eberhard vs.
John-Mark Miravalle and Mark Miravall
@ 53:30 "Where does morality come if not God?" 

Bible believers assume that their God knows morality when they ask where moriality comes from.
For example, they say God commands things. The catch is, though, it isn't axiomatic that the commands have anything to do with morality. That is, theists are unable to demonstrate that the commands are moral.
Because commands and morality are two different things, they don't have any assurance that morality itself comes from God. 

Where does morality come from if not God?
From people.
It comes from people, the way people are. 

Again, there's no way for Bible believers to verify that morality comes from God. 

It comes from people.
Morality is often relative. It stems from the way people perceive the world.

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