Oct 14, 2014

W.L. Craig argues fine tuning of cosmos proves God

W.L. Craig Argues Fine Structure of Universe Proves God.
Why his argument doesn't work.  

Fine structure of the cosmos concerns the precise energy forces of the cosmos. W.L. Craig says that science postulates that, for example, if gravity strength was universally changed by a tiny fraction, the result would be chaos or a much different cosmos. 

Craig says the fine-tuning isn't due to physical necessity or chance, either; so our life-supporting cosmos is the only possible one. 

Well, I say that until he observes a different cosmos, he can't know if his conclusion is sound.
Besides, it's been postulated that our universe is almost flat in shape, and such flatness causes the fine tuning of the forces. So the fine tuning is due to a physical necessity, after all. For example, gravity strength has to be the way it is now, owing to a flat universe.
Yes, it's only speculation.
Meanwhile, W.L. Craig thinks he brings closure to the matter, as if he has the one and only answer.
But, a news flash for him--he hasn't got the one and only answer.

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