Oct 6, 2014

W.L. Craig argues for one God only

W.L. Craig Argues For One God Only.
Why his argument is arbitrary.  

W.L. Craig, Christian apologist, explains why there’s only one God.
The Existence of God part 13
Criag: "On the basis of this argument [Ockham’s Razor] alone, it doesn’t prove monotheism, but on the other hand, I think Ockham’s Razor would say that you would be unjustified in inferring anything more than one personal Creator of the universe."
Ockham’s Razor states that in order to keep things simple, don’t multiply entities, don't add elements unnecessarily.
Craig, by calling on Ockham’s Razor, says that there's one God, not many gods.
But I say that he can't validate his God; so there's really no difference between a claim of the existence of one God or a thousand. 
 Moreover, anyone can evoke Ockham’s Razor. For example, if I use it as my guideline, I say (on a lark) that there was one creative day, not six.
Further, I can say that, in order to keep things simple, it prevents the existence of angels. Where the Bible talks about angels, I can say that it merely uses language people can understand, while according to the principle of Ockham’s Razor, there aren't any angels. And what's more, Ockham’s Razor works against the existence of the trinity.
Thus W.L. Craig is arbitrary.
It's an easy thing to be arbitrary.

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