Dec 13, 2014

Christian mystery of life

Christian Mystery About Life.
Why the Christian view is so limited. 

The Christian description of existence says that a super-intelligent creator is responsible for all of creation, including the mind of humans.  

But one could ask the Christian why the world is far from perfect if created by a super intelligence. The Christian answer is that human free will is responsible for the fallen world.  

One could ask the Christian how human free will causes the world (creation) get away from the super powerful creator. The Christian answer is that human free will is an act of the intelligent creator's love; that is to say, the creator wants it to be that way, even though creation will fall. The apologist gives this explanation although the Bible doesn't.  

Now one could say to the Christian that free will, resulting in an act of disobedience, is bound to make creation go wrong. One asks the Christian why the intelligent creator designed things so that creation was bound to fall. The Christian answer is that it's how the intelligent creator wants things to be.  

One now ask the Christian why the intelligent creator wants so many humans to go astray. The Christian answer is that it's just the way it is. In other words, one asks the Christian why the intelligent creator made a fallen creation possible to begin with. The Christian answer is that it's just the way it is; furthermore, it's part of a perfect plan.  

One asks what perfect plan is that? But the Christian can't tell you what it is, because the Christian claims he can't comprehend it. He only asserts that it's a perfect master plan, that's all.  

Thus Christians accept a concept that Christians themselves don't understand. Yet the intelligent creator could reveal the perfect plan if that creator had a mind to do so. Instead, the intelligent creator lets it remain a mystery.  

Along those lines, skeptics might say that no matter how you slice it, life is a mystery, and that the Christian argument goes around in a circle. That is, concerning the mystery of life, nothing of depth is revealed in the Christian argument. It's apparent that Christians merely accept the mystery as a fact.  

Meantime, while Christians don't really understand what Jesus is doing, they seek others to accept the dogma. The upshot is that those who accept the dogma simply state that the basic preachment is true while they lack a deeper understanding of it. And that's because, at bottom, it's just a mystery.

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