Dec 17, 2014

Looking for basic Christianity

Looking for Basic Christianity.
Why Christianity is mostly inferences of what the Bible says.  

Christian web comment:
"I think I found the core of the discussion in a statement by Ken Ham, the opponent in the debate, at about 56 minutes 10 seconds into the debate. Ham relates the following: "The battle is really about Authority. More than just Science or Evolution or Creationism; it is about who is the authority in this world: Man or God."

Dobbie says: No it isn't. He's really saying is it's about who the authority is in this world, 1) man, or 2) "my interpretation of the Bible." 

Ken Ham says that the earth is just 6000 years old and that the Bible gave him the date. He calls the Bible the word of God. Yet, I say that it's only men, such as Ken Ham, who always speak.  

Christian web comment:
"Keep in mind that to be a Christian one only needs to follow Christ. He set 2 rules. Love God the Father and treat each other the way you want to be treated. No where does it talk about binding to a creation story." 

Dobbie says: Well,  the New Testament letters tell Christians to behave in certain ways. Be nice, don't judge, don't lie or kidnap. Plus other dos and don'ts. So, no way is it just "2 rules" to follow, not unless you throw out the letters of Paul and the rest. Perhaps the person who wrote the above stuff should keep the other New Testament rules in mind. 

"Some people take the predetermination route, others go for good works, and some of us are just hoping for the Grace of God. Still -- no adherence to the Creation Story of Genesis."  

Dobbie says: Well, in the Gospel, Jesus talked as if Adam and Eve were real. And, in Exodus, Moses talked as if God really created the world in six days. So, in order to dismiss those things as not counting, Christians might have to say that Jesus talked only figuratively and that Moses was wrong.  

That person's religious statements are examples of cafeteria Christianity.

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