Jul 11, 2014

God lives in outer space

God Lives In Outer Space.
Why the Bible says God lives there.
According to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, God sits above the earth's atmosphere.
On a throne, looking down on the earth--
Isaiah 40:22 "It [the world] was made by the one who sits on his throne above the earth and beyond the sky; the people below look as tiny as ants. He stretched out the sky like a curtain, like a tent in which to live."

 It appears that heaven, or part of it, anyway, is situated up there, according to Isaiah.

Moreover, going to heaven, Jesus went into the sky.
Jesus, departing from his disciples, went in the sky above and through a cloud, as though his destination was somewhere in outer space--
Acts 1:9 "After saying this, [Jesus] was taken up to heaven as they watched him, and a cloud hid him from their sight. 10 They still had their eyes fixed on the sky as he went away, when two men dressed in white suddenly stood beside them 11) and said, 'Galileans, why are you standing there looking up at the sky? This Jesus, who was taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way that you saw him go to heaven.' 12 Then the apostles went back to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which is about half a mile away from the city." 

One might wonder how far Jesus levitated.

Isaiah says God sits high over the sky, within telescope range; the New Testament says Jesus traveled skyward to reach heaven.
That's where heaven is. Um ...

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