Jul 26, 2014

What would it take for you to believe in Christianity?

What Would It Take for You to Believe in Christianity?
Why the question doesn't help Christians.

 It would take these things-- 

Christians need to behave better.
They engage in intellectual dishonesty.
For example, they play word games.
Moreover, they don't, or cannot, live up to New Testament standards.
For example, it says don't be judgmental, but they are. 

Oust the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus.
Contrary to what Christians think, there aren't any such prophecies in the Old Testament.
They pull verses out of context or completely distort the words.  

They need to use caution; they need to get over themselves.
They appear to think they can do no wrong.
They think they know the Bible but they get it wrong.
They think they know science but they get it wrong. 
And they don't care when they get it wrong. 

They shouldn't apple pick from the Bible.
If there's something they don't want to believe in the Bible, they wish it away.
For example, they'll say it's metaphor.
Mostly, however, they disregard what they don't like.  

They need to provide good evidence for the existence of their God.
They think their God exists because the Bible says so.
They think Jesus isn't legend. 

Christians need to drop their circular reasoning.
They think the Bible is true, because the Bible says it is.

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