Aug 3, 2011

72 Did Jesus appear at the best time in history

Believer says: You may ask, What about the people who lived before the Christian era? Did they miss out on Christ? Well, there are far more people now than before Jesus. In fact there has been some-90% more people since the Christian era. So you see, to establish his church, Jesus came along at the best time in history.

But skeptic says: Well, it sounds to me as if the people who lived before the Christian era didn’t matter to Jesus at all. Thus the estimated world population for any time in history has little or nothing to do with “who is chosen.” No matter the time of history, the majority don't seem to fit into the Christian God's master plan. As the New Testament says, "many are called but few are chosen."  

Recap: I argue that although 90% of all people have lived after the first century AD (or so it's claimed) the Christian doctrine leaves the vast majority unsaved, anyway, thanks to where it says "many are called but few are chosen." Therefore the vast majority are unimportant in God's grand scheme of things. The so-called "best time in history" has little to do with it when "few are chosen."  

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