Aug 4, 2011

73 Mt Rushmore proves intelligent design in cosmos

Believer says: If you look at Mt. Rushmore you’d immediately say somebody carved it. By its facial features you could detect the effect of intelligent activity. We can detect the effect of intelligent design in life, too. For instance, we see Mt. Rushmores in the cell. Therefore, we can prove that there’s Intelligent Design to the world and universe.

But skeptic says: But in a natural mountain slope, we don’t see the hand of an intelligent designer. There's the familiar pattern in the faces of Mt. Rushmore but not in the mountain slope. Besides we already know that sculptors do works such as Mt. Rushmore. 

As far as the biological cell goes, we don’t know that a super-being made the cell. Religious people claim an intelligent designer did it. They reason mainly from a religious impression, not so much from secular research in the origin of the cell. 

That is, religious people assume a humanlike hand in creation. And so to them it involved an intelligent designer.

But whether an intelligent designer really had a hand in it, well, that’s up to you.

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