Aug 8, 2011

77 Is Laminin the mark of the cross in our bodies

Believer says
: Laminin is what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Since it looks like the image of the Christian cross, it’s the mark of the Creator in our bodies.  

But skeptic says: The illustration that Christians keep re-surfacing on the internet is a man-made diagram of the laminin structure. It's an ideal representation of laminin and it's included in scientific literature. It so happens it resembles the Christian cross.

Christians parade the image, claiming it's an inspirational message.

The actual shape of laminin is the following one:

In fact it can be more battered-looking than the photo shows. It can look like this:

Recap: Yes the photo shows either an X shape or a Christian cross. Or a Chinese character if you like. It largely depends on the observer. It's just that the artificial diagram is different from the image in the photo. So is it a completely honest Christian claim--what do you think?


  1. go pick your casket out! embrace that truth! Death! dust to dust; if your hard heart is wrong, and it is. You'll be sorry you traded the temporal for the eternal.

  2. To bad for the blinded, even though they clearly see the door...