Aug 12, 2011

78 Does the Bible have any contradictions anywhere

Believer says: The Bible contains no contradictions. It is totally consistent throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.
But skeptic says. Oh, that’s a good one. The claim is addressed on my blog--Wild Bible. It provides items of inconsistencies in the Old and New Testaments. 

It's just that whenever the Christians don't want to believe something the Bible says, they wish it away. They say the Bible just talks in a way people could understand in Bible times. So the problem verse didn’t mean what it said, but Christians claim they know what it really meant. 

I say the readers should decide if there’s a contradiction. 

Christians play off one verse against another, too. They enlist a certain verse to overrule a troublesome one. But I say it could be done the other way around: the trouble-maker verse (the verse they don't like) could overrule the one they like. I doubt that Christians are going to do it, though, since my rule can’t work in their favor.

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