Jun 3, 2011

52 Did God make and well tune the cosmos (1)

Believer says: Do you not agree that every piece of grand music must have a composer and that the instruments must be finely tuned for it to sound good? What about our awesome universe?

But skeptic says: Well, you might agree that most composers make changes to their new musical piece until they're satisfied with the results. And of course the orchestra must rehearse it. From the human perspective, then, the hypothetical God must have reshaped the cosmos and remade humans again and again until the God got the whole thing right. But I doubt that the asker wishes to mean those things, too. So it's a moot point to ask about a music composer. 

Most arguments fail when they compare God to human activities and give God human characteristics. What the asker is really doing is making a knowledge claim; in this case it's the assertion that an intelligence fine-tuned the cosmos. But he can't demonstrate that God fine-tuned the physical laws. Yes, he can say it but he can't prove it. 

In fact nobody has demonstrated that Zeus or some other god fine-tuned the laws of nature, either. So it's just nature's mystery who or what was the "composer."

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