Jun 4, 2011

53 Is God mysterious and controversial

Skeptic’s statement: What kind of God wants to gain victory through misdirection and confusion? 

For example, in the Old Testament God reveals himself to his people and yet remains a big mystery. 

And in New Testament God does the same thing: God and Christ reveal themselves to the Judean and Galilean people and still remain a big mystery.  

The Christian Trinity is a mystery, too.  

Moreover Christ was the architect of his own death in order to atone for the sins of humankind: It’s another mystery. 

Further, Christians say they are indwelled by the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit indwells all of them. Yet it’s often true that they differ in scriptural opinions and interpretations. The way I see it the Holy Spirit that indwells them wouldn't give them conflicting views. 

Recap: I'm put in mind of the saying where there’s the greatest mystery, there’s the greatest emptiness. There's a lot of mystery about the biblical religion, so it's an indication of it's emptiness. 

A Christian may claim that the true view is his view and the many other Christian views are wrong. But he can't demonstrate it. So the claim only makes me wonder who's minding the store.

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