Jun 7, 2011

56 Atheist asks how God made the cosmos come

Skeptic says: If I ask you how did the universe come? and you say, "God created it,” that doesn't answer the question. The question is how did God create it? And I defy any theist to explain how God created it. 

Theists can't explain how the biblical God created the cosmos. And yet it’s theists who complain that science can't explain how the universe came.

How did God create the world? How was it done? The answer is unknown.

It's often like a mystery novel when theists talk. Namely, they say the cosmos came from an incomprehensible God by equally incomprehensible means. Genesis creation just happened, they say.

Somebody might "explain" the Big Bang model in the same way--that is, something simply happened and that something created the Big Bang. However, the more honest answer is, “I don’t know how it happened.” Theists should talk that way more often, too, so they should say they don't know.

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