Jun 9, 2011

58 Does evolution violate 2nd law of thermodynamics

Believer says: Evolution is impossible because it breaks the 2nd law of thermodynamics. 

But skeptic says: One can only wonder why creationists say the 2nd law of thermodynamics has anything to do with evolution, so-called speciation. The 2nd law of thermodynamics applies to the amount of used-up energy when there isn't a means to recharge or resupply with energy. Think of a flashlight whose dry-cell batteries are spent. The flashlight bulb can’t shine if the batteries go dead. 

But life on the planet re-vitalizes or re-charges itself owing to the consumption of food. For example children grow up by consuming nutriments. Evolution, too, doesn’t violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics since animals continue to eat.

Recap: Creationists who say the 2nd law prevents evolution, present a lack of understanding.


  1. Further, the creationists contradict themselves when talking about the second law. They say that more complexity can't happen naturally because of the 2LOT, but the fact is that the 2LOT says that entropy is always increasing, and entropy is equivalent to complexity (study Information Theory for more info).

  2. Jesus, are Creationists STILL flogging this falsehood?? When will they actually learn that there are three thermodynamics: Closed, Isolated and Open. Oh, that's right, if they actually learned anything about Thermo they would be forced to admit that they're wrong. It would quickly become apparent that Earth is an Open thermodynamic system which receives huge amounts of energy from the sun (to a lesser extent geothermal energy and chemosynthesis play a smaller role)which becomes useable when plants produce carbohydrates through photosynthesis, plants are consumed by herbivores and herbivorse are consumed by predators. The energy for this comes from the sun and is stored in a form such that it can be utilized by other lifeforms. Creationists also miss (or are willfully ignorant) that if there isn't enough energy for evolution to take place, then there wouldn't be enough energy to drive increasing complexity. Life would be a good example.

    I can hardly wait to see what's next on the Creationist hit parade. I'll take bets that the next joke will be the claim that mutations don't or never result in an increase in information. I can hardly wait to smash that one.

  3. Why do you people ramble on about the same things?..Can't you study the laws and figure out that nothing violates physics laws?
    Stop repeating the same dribble from every evolutionists website and learn.