Jun 5, 2011

54 Is all knowledge only faith

 Believer says: Many atheists uncritically accept the worldview of scientism, and don't recognize that their knowledge is also based on faith. 

But skeptic says: Well, I say that Christians have faith in a master plan, salvation. And I’ll say that Christians uncritically accept that worldview. So it's strange when Christians claim that atheists uncritically accept something such as science. 

It’s strange, too, whenever apologists think that faith bad when they say “atheist faith.” But the apologists are eager to say that faith is good when it's Christian faith. Thus they have a double standard.  

Yes atheists may put faith or confidence in science. But science, unlike religion, looks for verification and leaves room for revision.  

Recap: Christians might denounce scientism, saying it's a stronghold for atheists. But the Christians are barking up the wrong tree since many Christians are scientists, too. I doubt that these scientists say, "Yes, I just practice faith when I'm in the science lab." Be that as it may, what it comes down to is, if Christians say science or all knowledge is just some kind of "faith," they should first make up their minds if "faith" is good or bad.

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