Jun 8, 2011

57 Can humans reason thanks to god

Believer says: Humans can reason only because of God. 

But skeptic says: Neither apologists or atheists can full explain the ability to reason. Apologists have a metaphysical belief about it, but they can't verify it.

Atheists may explain that reasoning is a product of the neural network. But apologists may reject that explanation by asking to account for everything about the neural network.

But the apologetic defense fails to bring us any closer to the answer whether God had anything to do with the human capacity for reason. While we toy with the idea of gods, we could speculate that a god who is different from the one in the Bible is behind reasoning and nature, if we were to speculate about it. 

Recap: Whatever we have to say about how humans are able to reason, we eventually have to say, “I really don’t know the whole answer.”

YouTube debate on the question:
Greg Bahnsen vs George Smith debate (1 of 6)

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